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Care and Maintenance for Houston Portal Buildings and Tents

tent constructionIndustrial tents and other temporary structures can provide practical flexibility for your business needs. Making sure that your Houston portable buildings are maintained properly can extend the useful life of these structures and can help you get the most from your initial investment. Here are some important strategies for taking care of your tents and temporary structures for years of trouble-free service. 

Clean Things Up 

Regular washings can help to keep your tents looking their best. Most experts recommend using a non-detergent soap and warm water to remove dust, stains and debris from the outer surface of your tent or portable building. Power washing can be even more effective but could damage the seams of vinyl and fabric tents. Proceed with caution, especially if you are cleaning a Houston tent rental before scheduling its return. 

Inspect and Repair 

Leaks in the roof of Houston portable buildings can result from exposure to wind, rain and other inclement weather events. Age and repeated use can also create holes and gaps that must be repaired to ensure the best results from these temporary structures. Patching these holes and mending any rips in your tents can help you to extend the useful life of these storage and space solutions. Make sure all anchor bolts are secure and keep doors closed when it is windy to protect the rigidity of the structure.

Store Your Tents Properly 

Whether you maintain a large number of Houston disaster relief tents or a single climate-controlled temporary building for corporate events, making sure these items are stored properly can extend their functional life while ensuring that they are ready when you need them. The proper storage process involves the following steps:

  • Disassemble the tent according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer or Houston tent rental company. 
  • Make sure your tent is dry and free from any obvious rips or damage. 
  • Be gentle with the components of your tent. This can prevent support structures from breaking or bending during the disassembly process. 
  • Place your tents on racks to prevent moisture from building up in closed containers.

Your Houston tent rental and sales company can often provide you with added guidance on the best ways to store your tents when they are not in use. 

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