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Coronavirus Protection for Business Continuity of Critical Infrastructure and Personnel

The coronavirus outbreak is rapidly expanding into major cities around the world. As more and more people are exposed to this infectious disease, your workforce may be affected. Should members of your staff contract COVID-19, not only will it likely spread throughout your entire workforce, but your essential personnel may face weeks long quarantines. This could paralyze your production and bring your operations to a grinding halt. In essential industries such as energy, oil and gas, electrical, and chemical, you simply can’t afford to lose the manpower your business depends on to provide necessary goods and services. The widespread COVID-19 outbreak puts your operations at risk.

To protect your critical infrastructure for business continuity, the only way to prevent major shut downs is to eliminate your employees’ exposure to the virus. This is especially true for facilities and industries that operate 24/7 to meet demands and provide crucial services. Total isolation for your personnel is the only option to guarantee that you can keep services online during this pandemic. Temporary workforce housing allows you to proactively protect your staff through preventative total isolation quarantine.

Lodging Solutions offers total solutions for on-site isolated workforce housing.  Our experts quickly and efficiently deploy temporary housing and shelters to help you protect your essential personnel. We take care of everything, including logistical planning, deployment, and set up, to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Pandemic Response Solutions

Our temporary workforce housing solutions help isolate your staff from coronavirus to prevent essential infrastructure collapse. Our safe and sanitary base camps have everything you need to accommodate your employees on-site for short or long periods of time. In addition to durable and comfortable shelters for your personnel, Lodging Solutions also offers comprehensive support services, so you can focus on keeping efficiency and productivity high.