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Energy-Efficiency Tips for Houston Tent Rentals and Temporary Structures

Portable StructureFinding ways to lower the cost of Houston tent rental installations will save your company money while maintaining comfortable conditions inside. A few simple tips will boost the energy efficiency of your temporary structure while allowing flexibility for business operations.

Tip 1: Close the Doors

Although it may seem obvious, reminding your staff members to shut the door of your Houston temporary structures will save a considerable amount of energy. This will in turn keep these interior spaces much cooler. This simple step will pay off in lower utility costs and improved comfort for your staff members and customers.

Tip 2: Opt for Insulation

Insulating your Houston portable buildings is an excellent way to lower the cost of cooling these structures. In many cases, you will be able to order a Houston tent rental or portable building that already has insulation applied to ensure the greatest comfort for your staff and clients. For a minimal additional investment, you will enjoy the greatest possible comfort and the lowest cooling bills for your temporary tent or building installation.

Tip 3: Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting costs for your temporary buildings and tents could add up to significant expenses for your company. Energy-efficient lighting is essential to your profitability and ability to enjoy your Houston tent rental. A little added investment will lower the cost of electricity and promote the most energy-efficient use of these structures. 

Tip 4: Consider White or Reflective Fabric Roofs

Roofs and sides that reflect sunlight will reduce the heat transferred into your structures. This will keep things cooler inside and will ensure comfortability for your occupants.

Tip 5: Work With a Professional Tent Rental Company

Working with a qualified tent rental company will provide you with the options necessary to obtain comfortable conditions within your budget. This helps you to receive portable buildings and structures at prices you can afford.

At Industrial Tent Systems, we provide practical options for portable buildings and tent systems. We offer a full lineup of climate-controlled tents and structures designed to suit your needs and your budget. Call us today at 713-468-3687. We look forward to the chance to serve you.