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Everything You Need to Know About ClearSpan Structured Industrial Tents

Portable StructureAs their name suggests, ClearSpan tents are designed to offer unobstructed and uninterrupted space inside. This can offer real benefits for outdoor expos, retail sales, corporate retreats and other major events. Your Houston tent rental company can provide you with the latest information on the sizes and configurations available for ClearSpan structured industrial tents in your area. Here are some of the most important points to keep in mind when planning for these big events. 

ClearSpan Tents Eliminate Obstacles 

Unlike traditional tents, ClearSpan tents do not require interior poles or tiedowns that could present safety risks and can reduce available space inside these Houston temporary structures. This can allow you to use the entire area inside your tent for showcasing products, displaying vehicles, fitting in added stalls or booths and providing added room for a wide range of activities. By upgrading to a ClearSpan tent, you can provide the safest and most expansive indoor space for your next event. 

ClearSpan Tents Can Stand Up to Inclement Weather 

If storms are in the forecast, ClearSpan tents are an ideal choice thanks to their ability to withstand high winds and harsh weather. ClearSpan options are the only Houston special event tents designed and engineered to achieve a wind rating. The secret is in the track system that provides greater stability and increased support for this temporary structure. 

Custom Graphics Can Help Your ClearSpan Tent Stand Out From the Crowd 

Your ClearSpan tent can be customized with graphics reflecting your company logo or other information about your event. This can help you attract added attention and can ensure that you achieve greater brand recognition for your company and the most practical advertising for your products and services. 

Climate-Controlled ClearSpan Tents Can Increase Comfort 

Upgrading your commercial Houston tent rental to include climate control features can help you enhance the comfort of staff members and guests at your outdoor events. Climate-controlled ClearSpan tents are an excellent choice for summer expos and sales in the Houston area. By investing a small amount in these added features, you can enjoy the most comfortable indoor temperatures even during the hottest summer heat in Texas. 

At Industrial Tent Systems, we can help you choose the right tent configurations and added features to ensure the success of your big event. Our experienced tent technicians can provide you with expert guidance and information that can help you determine the right choice for your needs. Call us today at 713-468-3687 to get a quote or to discuss your upcoming event with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your special project or occasion.