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Houston Portable Buildings as Man Camps for Your Oil Field

Houston portable buildings - Industrial Tent Systems
Man camps are essential for oil rig workers. Consider Houston portable buildings to house your employees.

Because oil rigs are often located in remote areas, Houston portable buildings offer a solution for workforce housing. On-site workforce accommodations, often known as “man camps,” can help increase productivity and worker retention. Therefore, consider Houston portable buildings as an alternative to off-site living spaces.

Houston Portable Buildings for Your Personnel

The better the living spaces for your oil field, the better productivity from your crew. Therefore, without a man camp for your crew, it may be difficult or impossible for them to commute to the worksite. Additionally, Houston portable buildings as living arrangements for your employees lets them know that you care about them and encourages them to stay longer.

In some worksites, crews will pitch tents or sleep in their cars. This causes negative relations with locals, unhealthy conditions, and poor sleep quality for your personnel. With adequate sleeping arrangements, your crew can work efficiently and productively.

Additionally, providing Houston portable buildings for sleeping areas allows your crew to come and go according to their shift schedule. Your crew’s shifts likely vary, some starting in the morning and some in the evening. Each employee needs to be able to sleep without being disturbed by those about to start their shift. Portable buildings for each person, or for a small group who work the same shift can promote health and adequate rest for your crew.

Houston Tent Rental for Other Camp Spaces

Another thing to consider for your base camp are lunch, shower, and laundry areas for your crew. Houston tent rental for these spaces provide workers with the amenities they need to perform their jobs. Lunch tents can be equipped with many different amenities to help feed your crew. For example, you can add HVAC systems, lighting, and electricity to your tents. Additionally, providing your workers with necessities like laundry stations is essential for the health and happiness of your crew. Therefore, Houston tent rental, in addition to portable buildings, can complete your man camp to provide everything your personnel needs. This way, they won’t have to travel offsite to take care of things like laundry, and they will receive quality food that will keep them going strong on your oil field.

At Industrial Tent Systems, we provide the highest quality temporary structures for your needs. Whether you need Houston portable buildings, Houston tent rental, or Houston military tents, our experts can help you choose the best solutions for your applications and your budget. Our team can help you determine sizing, amenities, and other things you need to build the man camp your crew deserves. Call us today at (713) 468-3687 to request a free quote or learn more about our services. At Industrial Tent Systems, we are here to serve you.