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Houston Temporary Structures for the Homeless

San Diego, California is making headlines because of their recent steps toward potentially eliminating their homeless problem. The implementation of temporary homeless shelters for those living on the streets will hopefully get rid of the plethora of small tents that line the streets and give homeless citizens a place to go that’s safe.

Is Houston Going to Walk in San Diego’s Footsteps?

It appears as though Houston is wanting to follow suit with setting up Houston temporary structures to clear up some of our worst homeless camps. As you may recall from recent news, Houston crews had to come out and do a ‘deep cleaning’ of Houston’s worst homeless areas. These areas were deemed as a ‘public health nuisance’ by a member of the public health authority, which ended up leading to the desperately needed, thorough clean-up. Everything from human waste to rotting food was found, caked on the area grounds.

Stepping up to the Plate

Mayor Turner’s recent press conference shows that this issue has gone beyond an in-depth clean-up project. The Houston mayor believes that it’s time that we stepped up to the plate and did something about the continuously growing homeless population in the city. These encampments are unsafe for its citizens and some believe that it’s causing an upswing in crime in nearby areas- something that isn’t good for the homed or homeless populations.

What About Houston’s Homeless Shelters?

We’re sure that many of you reading this are asking, “Why the homeless population can’t make their way to a homeless shelter?” To put it simply, there isn’t enough room in any of Houston’s shelters. They’re filled to the brink as is and the homeless population is only increasing. It’s exorbitantly expensive to purchase land and build a shelter in the areas who would most benefit from a new shelter. For a city that is struggling with finances as is, simply building a new shelter large enough to house a large chunk of the homeless population isn’t an option.

How Will This Work?

Houston Temporary Structures

Officials with the City of Houston are considering using a 5k square feet piece of land belonging to Houston METRO into Houston temporary structures to house those currently living in the homeless encampments. These residents do not have to meet any requirements whatsoever, including interaction with the teams helping with this project, to join the temporary residency. The shelter is predicted to hold around 200 homeless people and will hopefully be ready in the spring.

The wonderful thing about being in the tent business is that we’re able to help with city projects like this. We’d love to work with the city to provide Houston temporary structures to help house the homeless population. For pricing and structure options, give ITS a call.