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Houston Tent Rental or Buying an Industrial Tent: Which Is Right for You?

tent constructionTents and portable buildings can provide added space for special events, storage or other business needs. Deciding whether to invest in a Houston tent rental or to purchase a portable building or tent outright can be a challenging process. Here are some helpful questions to ask when determining whether renting or owning these structures is the right option for you. 

How Often Will You Use Your Tent? 

If you are planning a one-time sale or special event, a Houston tent rental is probably the most practical option for your business. This can allow you to enjoy the benefits of these Houston portable buildings for the precise length of time you need. When your event or short-term projects are over, your tent rental company will pick up your portable buildings or tent and store them for future rentals. 

If your company frequently hosts outdoor events or sales, however, investing in a tent or portable building can be a financially sound decision. Most experts recommend taking the plunge into temporary building ownership if you routinely have two or more events per year that require these large-scale outdoor venues or if your business needs them for long-term storage or base camp applications. 

What Kind of Tent Will You Need? 

Portable buildings and tents are available in a wide range of configurations that may require added expertise to set up and break down. Many Houston special event tents are equipped with climate control systems that can add to the purchase price of these structures. If you need catering tents, tents with bathroom facilities or climate-controlled portable buildings, renting or leasing these portable buildings may be the most cost-effective and practical choice for your business. 

Can You Set Up Your Portable Building? 

Companies that sell and rent tents in the Houston area employ technicians with the experience and know-how to set up these structures, to install climate control systems and to hook up electrical service in the fastest and most practical ways. If you are uncertain that you have the staff required to set up your own tents or portable buildings, opting for a rental arrangement can take some of the stress and uncertainty out of the process for you and company. 

Where Will You Store Your Tent? 

If you have plenty of storage space, purchasing a tent or portable building may be a practical choice. For companies that are already short on storage options, however, renting a tent can ensure the most practical use of available space within your corporate facility. 

The Houston tent rental and sales experts at Industrial Tent Systems can provide you with the benefits of their 30 years in the tent and portable building industry. Call us today at 713-468-3687 to get a quote or to discuss your project with our team of tent technicians. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.