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Houston Tent Rental Planning for Weddings and Receptions

Including a Houston tent rental in your upcoming wedding plans can provide you and your guests with definite benefits. If you are considering an outdoor wedding or reception, your tent can ensure that a great time is had by everyone at your event. Here are some points to keep in mind when renting a tent for your wedding

Protection Against Inclement Weather

Houston special event tents can serve as an affordable back-up plan if rain interrupts your wedding or reception plans. These wedding tent rentals are generally much less expensive than renting a reception hall or other indoor venue, allowing you to save on the cost of your wedding without stressing over weather forecasts and the threat of rain. 

Help in Beating the Heat 

Climate-controlled tents can provide a welcome retreat from the heat of Texas summers. These Houston portable buildings can be especially important for elderly people, children and those with health issues. Making sure that these individuals have a cool and comfortable place during the reception or after the wedding can make your event even more special for these important guests. 

Pole Tents vs. Frame Tents 

Depending on the size of your event and the way you want to arrange seating or tables, you may want to opt for a pole tent or a frame tent for your wedding or reception.

  • Pole tents are generally less expensive and must be secured to the ground using ropes and stakes. These tents have poles along the center line to provide support for the roof, which can sometimes restrict the configuration of tables, chairs and other items inside your pole tent.
  • Frame tents are stable on any level surface without the need for stakes and anchors. These tents also do not require center poles, allowing you to use all of the inside space for your guests and amenities. In some cases, you may even be able to combine two frame tents to create a larger structure that can accommodate more guests.

Your Houston tent rental company can provide you with the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your wedding plans. This can reduce stress and worry over the arrangements and can help you relax and look forward to your special day. 

At Industrial Tent Systems, we offer an array of rental tents ideal for weddings, receptions and other outdoor events. Our pole or frame tents can be constructed with all the amenities, including catering facilities, climate control systems and portable lavatories. Call us today at 713-468-3687 to get a quote for your event or to discuss your needs with us. We look forward to helping you make your wedding day extra special.