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Organizing Your Temporary Storage Solutions

Houston Temporary StructuresHouston temporary structures and tent rentals are an excellent way to create storage during a renovation or expansion. Understanding the best ways to organize your inventory during this transitional period is essential. If everything has a place, you can maximize space and ensure that things don’t get lost. Here are some practical ways to set up your stored items in Houston industrial tents and other temporary storage spaces.

Number Your Boxes

For the first step in the process, you should mark containers with an identifying number. For smaller projects, this may be a simple system. Begin with one and continue upward until all boxes are numbered. However, a barcoding system may be better if you have many items to store. This allows you to use a handheld scanner to determine the contents of any box or container in your Houston tent rental.

Create an Inventory

As you pack each item into its box or storage container, record it by using a handheld scanner or other device. List the name of the item, the number of items and the box in which it is stored. Instead, if you opt for barcode scanning, enter each item name into the system under its specific barcode. This will provide your company with an accurate inventory. In addition, with barcode scanners, you can track the location of each item as well. This can significantly speed up the retrieval process for your staff.

Protect Fragile Items

If your business needs to store fragile items in your Houston temporary structures, be sure to use plenty of packing material. This can help prevent damage to your products and equipment. It offers help during the moving process. Also, it can also give a little more protection if your items shift or fall during storage.

Work With Professionals for your Houston Temporary Structures

Companies that specialize in Houston tent and portable building rentals will be able to provide you with the guidance and support you need to choose the right option for your temporary storage needs. By working with experienced and knowledgeable tent technicians, you will enjoy the best and most positive experience throughout the rental process.

The experts at Industrial Tent Systems deliver the best in commercial and industrial tent and portable structure rental throughout the entire Gulf Coast area. If you need a reliable partner for your short-term storage needs, give our team a call today at 713-468-3687 to get a quote or to request more information. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.