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Planning a Renovation or Relocation? A Houston Tent Rental Can Help

Standard TentIf your retail location is planning a big move or a major renovation, investing in a Houston tent rental is a smart move during this disruption to your normal operations. Houston portable buildings offer maximum flexibility and can be installed and removed as needed without the expense of a large-scale building project. Here are some of the major advantages of a temporary building or tent rental for use during your building renovation or company relocation.

Storage for Inventory and Equipment

Especially if you are renovating part of your store while remaining open at your retail location, Houston temporary structures are an ideal solution for providing a secure storage area for merchandise displaced by the construction activities. By placing your less popular items in this temporary building and retrieving them as needed, your business will be able to continue to offer its core products during construction.

During a relocation, your Houston tent rental space will allow you to move equipment out of your current retail location and to store it while your new store is being prepared for occupancy. By enlisting the help of an established tent rental and portable building company, you will be able to manage the transition more effectively.

Temporary Retail Space 

A climate-controlled Houston tent rental is a great solution for providing additional retail space during a disruption caused by construction, relocation and renovations. These temporary structures offer protection from the weather while ensuring that your customers enjoy access to your store throughout your project. This will allow you to continue to sell your full range of items while your renovation project is underway.

Comfortable Office Environments

Even during a major relocation, your staff members need access to office spaces with power, equipment and climate controls to continue operations. Your local tent rental company will be able to provide the right options to keep your business on track during the relocation process. This will help you to manage this period efficiently and to retain valued customers during the transfer period.

The portable building experts at Industrial Tent Systems can provide practical solutions for managing your renovation or relocation process. Our team has the experience you need to accomplish your tasks with minimal disruption to your business activities. Give us a call today at 713-468-3687 to request a quote for delivery of a rental tent. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.