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Industrial Tent Accessories & Amenities

cots in tentThe right tent accessories can make a tent feel like a brick and mortar building. At Industrial Tent Systems, we have accrued more than 30 years of progressive experience in the temporary structure accessories and large tent rental industry. We have the experience to provide you with secure facilities, commercial tent parts and accessories, climate control, and lighting for any base camp tent cities or industrial tent application, and designed to your specifications.

Climate Control

Making sure that your crew is as comfortable as possible, is critical to a business’s ongoing success. Industrial Tent Systems can install a wide range of tent amenities designed to promote greater comfort in a portable structure setting. We can provide climate-controlled tents to help guests and workers keep their cool even in the hottest part of the year. Our storm and wind resistant tents are ideal for spring rains and severe weather. Industrial Tent Systems can also install portable lavatories and temporary restrooms to help guests and workers feel more comfortable.

Safety & Security

Ensuring the safest environment for staff and property is essential to the success of the business. The team at Industrial Tent Systems can provide you with industrial tent accessories, from hard-wall temporary structures and secure door and window solutions that can ensure that your property and people stay safe. We can also provide you with office and command center tents that can serve as a base of operations for commercial needs. Our fire safety solutions are ideal ways to protect commercial and industrial applications of these large scale tents.

Climate Control & Lighting Solutions

If you are looking for commercial tent parts and accessories with the most comprehensive and comfortable turnkey solutions for dormitories, sleeping quarters, lunch tents, disaster relief tents and other mobile lodging solutions, Industrial Tent Systems can deliver a large scale, stable portable structure necessary with the amenities you want. From mobile laundry facilities, potable water centers and electrical outlets,  to LED lighting solutions and HVAC systems that c for your guests and workers throughout the year. Our clearspan tent solutions can even eliminate the annoyance of poles and pillars in the middle of your available space and can allow you to fit more of everything into these structures comfortably. Whether you need flooring, carpet for floors or rain gutters to divert water away from your residents, Industrial Tent Systems can help you achieve your goals quickly and at a surprisingly affordable price.

At Industrial Tent Systems, we take pride in our years of service to the Gulf Coast region. We can provide you with the Houston commercial clearspan tents and sales options you need to achieve your goals. Our team of experts can provide you with on-time delivery and set up to provide you with greater peace of mind. Call us today at 713-468-3687. We look forward to speaking with you and to provide you with the most comprehensive amenities in the Houston tent rental and sales industry.