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Clearspan Tents – Temporary Tent Solutions

Clearspan tents offer real advantages for larger events like trade shows, expos and outdoor conventions. Because these tents derive their structural support from the outer shell rather than from poles and pillars inside your building, they can effectively increase the available room for booths, exhibits and other indoor fixtures. PVC walls and rain gutters can provide superior protection against inclement weather and can keep occupants, merchandise and materials safe and dry inside. At Industrial Tent Systems, we take pride in offering the widest range of temporary structures for all your commercial and industrial needs. We are a Festive Tents company and have enjoyed more than 30 years of success in the commercial and Houston industrial tents industry.

Temporary Structures to Suit Your Needs

The Industrial Tent Systems team can provide you with a wide range of portable structures and temporary buildings designed to suit your needs perfectly. We specialize in fast setup and on-time delivery of special event tent solutions. If you are looking for a sturdy building with plenty of indoor space, our commercial and Houston industrial clearspan tents are available with hard wall systems and double metal doors to allow you to move equipment in and out easily. These options are ideal for storing equipment for construction or agricultural applications.

Solid and Secure

We can also provide you with secure temporary facilities for command and control centers, disaster relief shelters, base camp tents, military tents or oil and gas installations and warehousing applications. From locking doors to fire safety systems, Industrial Tent Systems can deliver the security options you need to keep inventory safe from theft or vandalism and to help your guests and staff feel more secure in these outdoor structures.

Amenities Available in Clearspan Installations

The tents and temporary structures we sell, rent, lease and install can be used to house workers or displaced individuals and families, allowing them to enjoy some of the comforts of home even when they are away. Our clearspan tent or building installations can be equipped with HVAC systems to keep temperatures within a comfortable range all year around. We can also install temporary bathrooms and laundry facilities as well as electricity, potable water supplies and other necessities to help guests and residents feel more at home throughout their stay in our Houston temporary structures.

At Industrial Tent Systems, we can provide you with the right options for all your portable building and temporary structure needs. We serve the entire Gulf Coast region with the best options for clearspan and other tent systems. Our team has the proven experience you need to enjoy greater confidence when dealing with all your special events and organizational activities. We can deliver the reliable service and careful attention to detail needed to make your project or event a success. Give us a call at 713-468-3687 today to learn more about our comprehensive range of Houston commercial tents and our commitment to customer service. We look forward to working with you.