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Temporary Construction Site Tents

Construction Site TentAt Industrial Tent Systems, we know how important maintaining the security of your construction site tent renal and the morale of your work crew can be for the success of your business. We can provide you with the most comprehensive range of Houston commercial tent rentals for your construction activities, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of these amenities for yourself and your employees. Our 30 years plus of experience in the Houston temporary structures and tent industry ensures that you receive the most practical and reliable services every time you choose to work with us.

Turnkey Solutions for All Your Construction Site Needs

The entire team at Industrial Tent Systems is committed to helping you find the most cost-effective and efficient temporary construction shelters for rent for your worksite. We can install our tents and portable buildings anywhere with minimal preparation. Whether your site features soil, asphalt, concrete or gravel, we can design a start-to-finish solution precisely right for your situation. If you need Houston lunch tents and catering arrangements to boost morale among your work crew, we can provide access to water and electricity to ensure the success of your efforts. We can set up temporary bathrooms and laundry supply facilities, as well as Houston, cool down tents and climate-controlled temporary buildings for your comfort and convenience.

Certified Blast Shelters

Industrial Tent Systems can also provide your construction site tent with the latest in safety technology. Our blast shelter alternatives are designed to conform to the recommendations offered by the American Petroleum Institute (API), a leading source for standards and best practices in the oil and gas energy field. These recommendations are also applicable to construction sites in which heavy equipment and blasting devices may be used. We can install the most appropriate blast shelters for all your construction needs with our temporary construction shelters for rent.

Portable Warehousing

Keeping your materials and equipment safe from vandalism and theft can significantly reduce your potential overhead costs. Industrial Tent Systems can provide secure hard-wall tents and temporary structures with locking doors that can keep your construction materials secure even in remote areas. We can also offer fire safety systems that are designed to provide early warning of dangerous conditions to protect your crew as well as your property. These temporary storage facilities are an ideal solution for your construction site and a cost-effective method for managing your overhead expenses in the Gulf Coast area.

As a Festive Tents company, Industrial Tent Systems enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability, craftsmanship and customer service in the Houston tent rental and sales industry. We work with our clients to ensure the most practical solutions for construction sites, special events, oil and gas base camps and many other applications. Our team will provide you with the reliable on-time delivery, setup and removal services you need to close out your construction project successfully. To learn more about our extensive array of services and how they can help your company, call us at 713-468-3687. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.