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Military Base Camp Tents

Mobile Command CenterIndustrial Tent Systems is proud to serve the military with the most advanced mobile command center shelters and military base camp tents for all your bivouacking needs. We can set up base camp shelters, dormitories and blast shelters to ensure the safest and most practical solutions for your requirements. We are a Festive Tents company in business since 1985. Our 32 years of experience allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive range of services and structures for all your upcoming events and training exercises.

Base Camp Necessities

The team at Industrial Tent Systems can provide you with military base camp tents, buildings and structures to provide your military personnel with the comforts they need to perform at their best. We can install hard wall structures and climate-controlled base camp shelters to provide secure sleeping quarters for your soldiers or workers and fire safety equipment to protect these areas at all times. Our team of professional installers can also provide flooring or carpet to make these quarters even more practical for your needs. Temporary restrooms and lavatories are mission-critical elements of your base camp. For long-term requirements, we can provide showers and food service tents to promote a healthy, productive operation.

Clearspan Tents for Dormitory Use

Houston industrial clearspan tents offer some important advantages for dormitories and sleeping quarters. These large-scale structures require no internal supports from poles or pillars, increasing the usable space inside your portable building. This can allow you to fit in additional cots and sleeping quarters while ensuring the safest and most comfortable living conditions for your military personnel. Industrial Tent Systems can provide you with the most cost-effective clearspan tent solutions to allow you to make the most practical use of your on-site living quarters.

Mobile Command Center Tents & Shelters

Creating a secure and functional command center is critical to the success of your military operations and maneuvers. At Industrial Tent Systems, we can provide you with the electrical hookups and climate control solutions you need to achieve your goals more effectively. Our team of expert technicians and installers can help you establish a mobile base that allows you to manage your team from a centralized location while enjoying the most essential amenities in the field. Our mobile command center tents and shelters can ensure the greatest degree of productivity and progress during your military activities.

At Industrial Tent Systems, we specialize in providing the most comprehensive Houston tent rental and sales options in the industry. We can provide you with base camp tents and military tents configured to meet your needs precisely. Whether you need secure temporary structures, cool-down tents, dining tents or Houston commercial clearspan tents to use as dormitories, our team can provide you with the best options for your requirements. Give us a call today at 713-468-3687 to discuss your upcoming field exercises and maneuvers with us. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals with the best solutions in the Houston commercial tent industry.