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Oil & Gas Temporary Tents – Oilfield Base Camps

Tents for oil and gasMaking sure the right facilities are available to crew members in the oil and gas industry is critical to ensure the success of these operations. In remote areas, an API certified oilfield base camp can provide many of the comforts of home for workers while ensuring the greatest degree of productivity for these individuals. Industrial Tent Systems can provide you with the sleeping facilities and amenities your oil company needs to keep your workers happy and to ensure the highest degree of safety for your entire site.

Oil & Gas Base Camp Facilities

Depending on the location of your oil and gas operations, you may need to provide overnight facilities for your workers. Industrial Tent Systems can help with the most comprehensive range of Houston oil and gas temporary structures for all your needs. We can provide climate-controlled sleeping facilities complete with cots and blankets, restrooms, showers and Houston lunch tents designed to accommodate catering companies and foodservice providers. If you need electrical power, we can provide the right options for your crew and your budget. Our team can even provide you with on-site laundry supply facilities for your staff members, allowing them to enjoy the comforts of home even when they cannot be there for an extended period of time.

API Certified Industrial Tents – Safety Measures

The American Petroleum Institute (API) issues recommendations for oil and gas companies regarding the safety equipment and facilities needed to meet industry standards and to comply with best practices. The guidelines set forth in API’s Recommended Practice 756, often shortened to RP 756, provide recommendations on the types of blast shelters needed in oil and gas temporary structures and the appropriate location for those shelters. At Industrial Tent Systems, we are well-versed in API standards and recommendations. Our expertise in Houston cool down tents and the oil and gas industry allows us to provide you with the right API certified oilfield base camps.

Temporary Structures that Stand Up to Wind and Weather

Our Houston industrial clearspan tents are designed to maximize the amount of room inside for storage and to reduce obstacles for tired workers after a long day in the field. These structures can also provide superior protection against inclement weather, especially when combined with the rain gutters and PVC wall solutions available from Industrial Tent Systems. We can configure your Houston temporary structures to suit your needs and can install them on any surfaces, including dirt, concrete or asphalt. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the most extensive array of options when setting up your oil and gas temporary structures.

At Industrial Tent Systems, we take pride in our more than three decades of experience in the Houston tent rental, leasing and sales industry. We are a Festive Tents company and a leading source for temporary structures and portable buildings throughout the Gulf Coast. Give us a call today at 713-468-3587. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your company to achieve your goals.