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Houston Temporary Structures – Industrial Tent Solutions

Temporary WarehouseAt Industrial Tent Systems, we know the importance of security on worksites and in the retail field. Our temporary warehouse services are ideal for managing inventory and materials on construction sites, oil drilling locations and other areas in which property must be protected against theft and vandalism. We will work with you to create the most practical solutions for your company’s specific needs. Our Houston portable buildings team can help you identify the most appropriate tents and structures for your warehousing applications.

Part of the Construction Process

The professionals at Industrial Tent Systems can provide you with accurate estimates of the cost of renting or purchasing one of our tents or portable buildings for your construction site. We can configure Houston temporary structures designed specifically to hold your materials and equipment securely on site, reducing the amount of time and energy needed to move them from one location to another. From hard walls to locking doors, our team of installers can create the best possible options for your construction project, your budget and your master plan estimating activities.

Safety First

We can also create certified blast shelters for construction sites and oil and gas base camps. These shelters are designed to stand up to serious impacts and are ideal for use in higher risk areas. During the sizzling summer months, we can also provide your company with Houston cool down tents that can provide real relief for your staff members. By investing a small amount in the safety and well-being of your workers, you can boost morale and enhance productivity throughout your operations.

Temporary Holding Areas for Excess Inventory

In the retail and wholesale industries, managing overflow inventory can sometimes lead to significant financial losses. Industrial Tent Systems can create cost-effective storage solutions that can keep products protected against extremes of heat and cold an inclement weather. This can reduce waste and increase the salability of these excess products. By opting for the tents and structures we offer, you can significantly reduce the cost of securing these items while keeping them safe and secure from weather events and unwanted intrusions.

Climate-Controlled Comfort

Industrial Tent Systems can provide an extensive list of amenities that include HVAC support, power and lighting and water supplies. These added services can enhance the comfort and the practical uses for your warehouse tents or buildings. We can help you design the right solutions to manage your storage needs, including climate-controlled spaces that offer greater protection for temperature-sensitive items.

The entire team at Industrial Tent Systems is committed to the highest standards of customer service in the tent and portable building industry. If you need an innovative solution for warehousing or storage, we can provide the right answers for you. Call us today at 713-468-3687 to learn more about our start-to-finish approach to tent sales, rentals and installation. We look forward to serving you.