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The Evolution and History of Tents

The tents and portable buildings available from your Houston tent rental company bear little resemblance to the tents and structures used during prehistoric times. Fragments of tents have been found in Russia that date back to 40,000 B.C. These early shelters were constructed of mammoth hides and bones and provided some protection against the bitter cold and winds of winters in this area. Tents are mentioned in many ancient texts as a preferred form of shelter for nomadic tribes and armies on the move. Native Americans also constructed tents:

  • Wigwams were most commonly used by Native Americans in the northeast region of North America. 
  • Tepees were a preferred form of shelter for the tribes of the Great Plains.

In both cases, the walls of these tents were constructed of animal hides and were sometimes waterproofed by using the fat of the same animals. 

Military Advances in Tents 

With the rise of the Roman Empire, tents became more standardized and more common as shelters for troops on the move. These military tents were designed to allow approximately eight soldiers to sleep comfortably. Tallow was applied to waterproof these tents, which consisted of multiple pieces of goatskin or calfskin that were stitched together to create a single large cover for the poles and ropes that supported them. 

Fabric Instead of Hides 

As textile production techniques improved, the hides originally used to construct tents were replaced by heavy canvas fabrics, which were often treated with chemicals or wax to ensure that they could keep out the rain and wind during inclement weather. The structures used to support these tents also evolved, allowing tents to be sturdier in windy conditions and to stand up to repeated use without replacement or major repairs. Over time, canvas was replaced by synthetic fabrics and materials that provided added protection against rain and wet weather. 

Tents and Portable Structures Today 

Modern tents offer significant benefits for companies and individuals. These Houston portable buildings can provide reliable shelter and climate-controlled comfort for sales and special events, weddings, inventory storage and other needs. Clearspan tents do not require interior pillars or supports, making them an excellent choice for gala events and other applications that require uninterrupted interior space. 

At Industrial Tent Systems, we specialize in providing Houston special event tents and temporary industrial buildings for companies throughout the Gulf Coast. We provide Houston tent rental services, sell our tents and temporary buildings to help companies make the most effective and practical choices for storage, special events and other temporary needs. Call us today at 713-468-3687 to discuss your requirements with our expert technicians. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.