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UpCycled Houston Military Tents Turn to Fashion

Our business is renting out commercial tents, industrial tents, and Houston military tents out to businesses and organizations all over the country. While we hate to have to retire one of our ‘ol’ faithful’ tents that have seen so many events take place, it has to be done from time to time. We’re happy to see that fashion designers are coming up with ways to recycle old military tents into new, stylish duds. Here’s one South Korean clothing brand that is shaking up the fashion world with their upcycled fashion pieces-

UpCycled Goods

Meet Re: Code- the fashion brand that is reimagining the textiles of our everyday objects into something spectacular. They offer multiple collections involving textiles from items you’d never imagine would be used in fashion. Their industrial line is utilizing the fabric from vehicle headrests and deployed airbags to create tops, bottoms, and even accessories.

Houston Military TentsMilitary Tent Fashion

That’s not the part of their line that excites us, though. After being thrown around from place to place, country to country, our military tents get quite beat up. Once one of our tents are to the point of despair, we typically can only throw out the heap of fabric that’s left. No one has ever reimagined the possibilities with the fabric until now, but we hope this sustainable fashion trend stays around. Re: Code is taking retired military tents and creating amazing, one of a kind vintage pieces that fashion lovers will be dying for. Even elements of the tent that you may not think about are being repurposed. Zippers, closures, and even some care labels are being incorporated into the fashion line.

Future of UpCycled Goods

We hope this is a trend that sticks so we’re able to retire tents without the guilt of wasting a ton of fabric in the process. Would you wear upcycled military tent fashion? Let us know your thoughts on this sustainable idea! In the meantime, we’ll be renting out our Houston military tents to the US military so future designers have some amazing upcycled textiles to work with.