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Why Your Construction Site Needs a Houston Tent Rental

Onsite TrailerWith heat indexes sometimes hitting the triple-digit mark in our area during the summer months, keeping things cool on your construction site can be a challenging proposition. Investing in a Houston tent rental to provide a cool retreat for your construction crew can help to prevent injuries and illnesses related to excessive heat. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider a Houston tent rental for your construction or industrial jobsite

Protecting Your Excavations 

Installing a Houston tent rental to cover the sites of excavations and other construction activities can allow you to continue working rain or shine. This can also eliminate the need to pump out excavated areas after a heavy rainstorm. In some cases, sandbags can be used to surround the site for even greater protection against runoff and rainfall on your worksite. 

Enhancing Worker Productivity 

Making a relatively small investment in Houston cool down tents can pay off in improved worker morale and increased productivity. By providing your employees with a cool place to relax, regroup and enjoy a refreshing break, you can help them focus on the job at hand and get more done during their regular working hours. This can also help with worker retention and can reduce your onboarding and training costs for your construction crew. 

Complying With OSHA Regulations 

Making sure your workers have a safe spot to relax out of the direct rays of the sun is essential not only for their health and welfare but also to keep your business in compliance with federal regulations. OSHA regulations require businesses to provide water, rest and shade for workers who perform their duties outdoors in hot weather. Employers are also required to monitor employees for any sign of illness related to hot outdoor conditions. By providing a climate-controlled tent for your crew, you can stay on the right side of these regulations to avoid citations and penalties from OSHA. 

Storing Equipment On-Site 

Houston industrial tents are an ideal place to store equipment and building materials on your job site. Because tents offer an added layer of protection for these items, they can be kept close to where they are needed while remaining safely out of site. This can boost security for your construction site while saving you the time and effort needed to move these items to another location every day. 

At Industrial Tent Systems, we offer an exceptional lineup of industrial, commercial and special event tents designed with your needs in mind. We can provide you with climate-controlled clearspan tents to help your construction team stay cool and collected all summer long. Call us today at 713-468-3687 to discuss your Houston tent rental needs with our expert customer service staff members. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.